Friday, April 4, 2014

The rubber Plantation In Pala

Palai is considered to be one of the most fertile land where the main cultivation is rubber plantations.Studies reveals that the soil of Meenachil  is very fertile, especially for planting rubber. The terrain, sufficient rain, suitable climate and plenty of sunlight causes favourable atmosphere for cultivating rubber and spices.Anybody who visits this region will  bear testimony to this fact.
                                                    Meenachil Taluk,  was once renowned  for good quality pepper and ginger, considered to be  the best in the World. Pepper from this area, is of great demand. But, the cultivation of pepper and ginger gradually declined since early 1980's when almost the entire cultivable land in the Taluk was turned over to Rubber.
                                                        Meenachil Taluk has 11 Rubber Processing Factories, all in the Small Scale Sector. The bigger among them process solid Block Rubber and 60% Centrifuged Latex, the others creamed Latex and E.B.C. There are also 20 small units manufacturing assorted rubber goods.

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