Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pala Railway Station

Pala is an ancient and beautiful municipal Town in Kerala.Since Pala is one of the main educational centre of the state,it is a well-known town.Natives of Pala are residing everywhere in Kerala and all around the world since people of Pala are known as educated and are worthy planters.Pala is also known as "The Honey And Milk Flowing Land"because of its prosperity.Although Pala is considered as a well-developed area now a days it is like an undeveloped area.Because of poor transportation many of the natives of Pala are residing in different towns due to poor transportation.Lack of  water and traffic block are two other important development problems of Pala.Bharananganam,the most important pilgrim centre in India and Kadappattoor Temple are the main attractions of this town.People from different parts of the world are visiting these places daily and there is the possibility of improving trades and businesses of this town.Making of Pala railway station through Sabari railway line is necessary to make Pala the gate way of Bharananganam and Kadappattoor Temple.But some people are against the establishment of  Pala railway station.On the contrary some others are thinking about its possibilities and its impacts on the society.Anyway it's a fact that if Pala railway station project is fullfilled it will be a boon to the society.

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