Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Alphonsa College

Pala-the land of latex is also well known for its higher education facilities and carrier oriented programes.The people of Pala gives priority to education to the growing generation because the majority of the inmates of Pala are hightly educated and knows the value of education.People gives more value to convent education to their children especially for girls.There are many convent schools in Pala.Alphonsa College Pala is one of the leading instituition.Its motto is "Lighted For Life".The college perpetuates the memory of St.Alphonsa whose saintly life of love and sacrifice makes an inspiration to the people of Pala.It was established in 1964 and is celebrating its golden jubily.This Christian institution contributed many geniuses like Doctors,Engineers,IPS Officers and athelitics like Shiny Wilson and many other talented personalities to the world .Film stars Miya&Suvarna and play back singer Rimy Tomy were the contribution of Alphonsa College.This college gives importance to moral values .It is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University.The institute aims to create self=reliant and liberated young women with traditional cultural values and moral integrity, who will be the agents of social transformation in their families and the society.

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