Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bharananganam-The Lisieu Of India

   Bharananganam,the holy city is an important pilgrimcentre in South India.It is located in the banks of Meenachil river and is 5km east of Pala in Kottayam district in Kerala state.Its surroundings are enriched with beautiful scenaries because of nearby hilly areas and abundance of vegetation.This small town is known as the Lisieu of India because St.Alphonsa,the first saint of India was lived in the nunnary which was situated in  Bharananganam and breathed her last.She suffered a lot for the sake of Jesus Christ,her Heavenly Groom.St.Alphonsa led a saintly life and was considered as a saintly person during her lifetime.She belived that she must suffer all things that tests her will and offer them to the Lord.It is a truth that inspite of her painful diseases she was cheerful to the last.After her death,many miracles were happened and that led to her Sainthood and thus Bharananganam became the Lisieu of India.

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