Thursday, January 30, 2014

Golden Jubilee Celebrations Of Pala Alphonsa College

Alphonsa College Pala as its name implies,reminds us the holy name of St.Alphonsa is now celebrating its golden jubilee.With much pride this college owns the history of contributing many geniuses like doctors,engineers,I A S & I P S officers and many famous olympions like Shiny Wilson the world.Alphonsa College is one of the pioneering institutions for the higher education of women in Kerala. The  origin of this college is the result of  the keen vision and pioneering leadership of late Mar Sebastian Vayalil, the first Bishop of Pala.
                                                         In accordance with the golden jubilee celebrations,the authority have organised a former students meeting  behalf of February second week and there by majority of the former students of this college can meet their colleagues and can share their happiness and sorrows after a long intervell.Hope this college will fullfill a lifetime excellence.

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