Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kurisumala Monastery Vagamon

Kurisumala Monastery  and Vagamon Kurisumala are two important tourist as well as pilgrim centers in Kerala. Because of the green and most enchanting nature at Vagamon which is one among the most popular and world renowned tourist destinations in Kerala, Vagamon Kurisumala Ashram is considered as one of the best pilgrim centers in Kerala where the Christian devotees can lead a meditative and prayerful life. The monastery belongs to the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church.It is located on the Erattupetta-Elappara road. The Ashram was found in 1958 and since then it has been considered as one of the top pilgrim centers in Kerala.
                     Vagamon Kurisumala is adjacent to Vagamon Ashram. Hence Vagamon Kurisumala Ashram is widely visited by all the devotees who come to Vagamon for climbing up the Kurisumala, a rocky mountain which resembles ‘Calvary’where Jesus Christ was crucified.. Kurisumala Ashram is situated at the foot of Kurisumala which lies about 4000 ft. above the sea level.The monastery was founded by Fr. Francis Mahieu, a Belgian monk. He then later accepted the name Francis Acharya. Bede Griffiths assisted him to found Kurisumala Ashram.The Ashram or monastery is the abode of  spiritual seekers who have dedicated their lives to God and for prayersThe surroundings of  the monastery is very silent except the cows's "moo". The cow farm also is an  attraction to the pilgrims and tourists.

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